Anat Sachartov


Sharing results, during SELA job search workshop for Spanish speaking Olim, Sapir, Krayot.
With WINGS - Career Orientation for French Alyah candidates, Paris, France.
Sharing special moments from the HR course on Advanced Recruiting Processes for the french official delegation from Africa, GIMI, Diana Hotel, Haifa.
High-Tech highly qualified Olim, Tel-Ran Alumni at SELA- Competency Based Interviews, Sapir, Krayot
Advanced Job Search Strategies SELA sessions for Spanish and Portuguese speaking Olim, Ulpan Sapir, Krayot.
Best HBC team ever, st the Annual CJP event , HBC
New Oleh from Ethiopia on his way to publish his second book, HBC, Korat Entrepreneurship project 2017
CJP & HBC Annual Event 2017
SELA invitation for French speaking Olim, Haifa, 2018-2019
CJP Annual Event at Haifa, Dan Carmel, Korat - Career Evolution , Entrepreneurship
Haifa Boston Connection, Korat, Enhancing Entrepreuneurs and Career Growth for Ethiopian Olim, Haifa
Job Search Advanced Strategies sessions for Spanish and English speaking Olim, SELA, Haifa
Self-assessment on job search strategies session for French speaking Olim, SELA Haifa
CV content development session for Tech & City, JAFI, Haifa, no Chat-gpt involved yet.
Career Development and Job Search sessions for the best of Olim ever, Krayot and Haifa
Conducting Behavioral Interviews and simulations for English, Portuguese and Spanish speaking Olim from the Krayot, SELA
Employer Brand and Talent Recruitment sessions for the African French delegation GIMI
Job Search , Networking session for Spanish, Russian and English speaking Olim from Etsion Carmel Haifa
Sachartov Career Coaching, Job4Olim stand at Castra Haifa Job Fair organised by JAFI
Salon de l'Alyah, Marseilles, France
Professional Courses, Wrap up session with Olim from Ethiopia, HBC, CJP, Haifa.
Career coaching sessions, English speaking Olim, WINGS at Etsyon Carmel Haifa
Job Fair, Tel Aviv, KeepOlim
Job fair for Spanish speaking Olim, Gordon, Tel-Aviv
Atelier de Recherche d 'emploi et Development de Carriere, Olim Francophones en High-Tech de Naharya, 2022, partenariat entre l'ADG et SELA.
Short break during Career Coaching sessions for High-Tech French Olim from Naharya, partnership of ADG with SELA.
Career development sessions for French Olim from Naharya 2023, for High-Tech and Gas Oil professionals, ADG and SELA.
Atelier Developpement de Carriere pour Olim, Naharya
Ouverture du programme Olim en High-Tech, ADG, au Matam Haifa, Naharya, 2021